In Pollution-Choked Delhi, a Team of Engineers Is Turning Diesel Soot Into Ink and Paints

Using an award-winning, patented technology, Chakr Innovations is on a mission to bring about sustainable reduction in air pollution levels

It all started one day when Arpit Dhupar, an IIT Delhi alumnus, and his friends were at a roadside stall, getting their fill of sugarcane juice. The cane crusher was running on a diesel generator but its emission was not visible because the vendor had attached an exhaust pipe to divert the carbon emissions to a wall.

For Arpit, it was a moment of epiphany. He noticed that the emitted soot had painted the wall black and wondered if it could be something bigger. “If it can colour the wall black, it can surely be utilised as paint,” he thought.

Taking the gauntlet, Arpit and his friends worked for a year to develop Chakr Shield, a device that transforms soot into ink and paint.

A Chakr Shield attached to a diesel generator

The device led to the founding of Chakr Innovations, founded by Arpit along with Kushagra Srivastava and Prateek Sachan, also engineers from IIT Delhi. Kushagra, CEO of the enterprise, says, “We are a team of 15 engineers from mechanical, chemical and textile backgrounds who have decided to follow our love for the environment and work hard to solve problems related to sustainable development.”

The word Chakr (or chakra) might remind many readers of the mythological Sudarshan Chakra, the deity Krishna’s weapon. It also means circle or cycle, which represents the philosophy and ethos for of their enterprise for the Chakr Innovation team. Kushagra says, “The pollution captured by our device is used for manufacturing of ink. In this way we convert discarded pollutants into a value-added product, thus completing a cycle.”

He adds,

“Air pollution is one of the leading causes of death in India. According to reports by Greenpeace India, every year nearly 1.2 million people lose their life due to air pollution in the country. It also causes the loss of 3% of GDP. One of the main sources of this pollution is diesel generators. This motivated our team to work on the technology that not only reduces the pollution from DG sets but also in turn reduces the pollution caused in manufacturing regular ink.”

At its pilot stage, there are over 30 Chakr Shields in operation. Spread across across NCR, they have been installed in telecom industry towers, FMCG industry plants and real estate companies.

“The devices have captured over 180 kg of particulate matter, which would have otherwise entered the atmosphere, polluting 900 billion litres of air,” Kushagra reports, adding the device can be used by anyone who uses diesel generators, including residential spaces.

The team estimates that their patented technology can reduce particulate matter emission from diesel generators by a whopping 90%.

Chakr Innovation’s business development team with samples of POINK

Kushagra says,

“The current technology can only capture particulate matter. We are working on the technology so that it can also capture pollutants like SOx , NOx etc. Also, we want to implement our device to other sources of pollution too, like chimneys, boilers and commercial vehicles.”

The startup has also partnered with BOSCH to aid them in product commercialization and further development. They are also working on applying the device for small scale industries which use furnace, with the plan to commercialize it

Stay updated on Chakr Innovation through their Facebook page or get in touch with Kushagra here.

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3 thoughts on “In Pollution-Choked Delhi, a Team of Engineers Is Turning Diesel Soot Into Ink and Paints

  1. Very informative post Arpan. I have a video about this device converting pollution into ink. Damn, what an innovation. I hope all the states and govts take initiative with the help of this technology. I so so wish India becomes pollution free, especially Delhi. I so want to move back to India from almost 3 years but thinking about air and water quality I step back. Looking forward for a pollution free Capital. I miss Delhi ;(

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