Law allows women to kill rapists in self-defence’


Teach your daughters to be bold to fight against sexual harassment and teach your sons to respect women, exhorted a panel of experts at a meeting on women’s safety. The audience included parents who came together in view of the Delhi gang-rape incident and its repercussions on society at large.

It was organised by All India Institute of Local Self-government and Sphurti Mahila Mandal, Pune.


he meeting was held at the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) building on Tilak Road. Most experts said that victims do not come forward to report such cases and most are unaware of the law.

“Women are not aware of their rights. Currently, I attend workshops on women’s safety. I told the women that if they were threatened with rape, they have the right under Indian Penal Code section 100 to even kill rapists in self-defence. They were shocked. We must make women aware of their rights and make them bold enough to exercise them,” said Shahji Solunke, additional commissioner of police (crime).


NCP MP Vandana Chavan said, “Parents tell their girls to dress conservatively, come home at a certain time. But in case of boys, they give them full freedom. It is time that if we want gender violence to stop, teach boys at home about gender equality. Keep an eye on their movements and make them responsible.”

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8 thoughts on “Law allows women to kill rapists in self-defence’

  1. Sir This is a hoax. They can’t kill anyone in self defence also. Read IPc 100 properly and don’t misinform people. Even a death in case of self defence is charged under section 304 of IPc as a culpable homicide with punishment varying from 3-10 years

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  2. Yes you are cent% true & your way of expression is also fabulous. I have written a post on same matter. Please check & follow. Also give your opinion.
    जिन्स पहनने से रेप हुआ
    अब हिजाब वालों को भी नहीं छोड़ा
    रात को बाहर जाने से रेप हुआ
    अब तो घर के अंदर वालों को भी नहीं छोड़ा

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  3. It would be great if more girls and women learned martial arts. Surely few abusers and rapists would want to take the risk of attacking a woman if they knew that there was a significant probability that the woman they are about to attack might have martial arts skills and thus the ability to turn the tables on them and even kill them. Women should not have to be afraid to go outside, no matter what they are wearing…

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  4. Very well said and can’t agree more. That’s one of the reasons for me to not moving back to India. Even though I miss my family and friends so much but the women safety is not the priority for any Govt, after they come into power. But yes we should teach our kids on individual level especially guys about how to respect women. Anyway thank you for posts about such important topics which most people don’t even care about.

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