Legends struggle : You should think again


Lionel Messi-

‘I used to serve tea at a Shop to Support my Football training”                    


Bill Gates-

“I did not even complete my University Education”                                                                                   


Abraham Lincoln-

” At my childhood days, I stitched shoes”


AR Rahman-

“Education Drop-out & initially a keyboard player”


Dhirubhai Ambani-

“I work in a Petrol Pump”


Sachin Tendulkar-

“I failed in the 10th standard”


Shah Rukh Khan-

“I slept on bench & borrowed Rs.20/- everyday from my friend to travel filmcity”



“At the age of 25, i was a bus conductor”

You only fail ,when you stop trying….


Author: Arpan Mishra

A corporate person and interested in the worlds spiritual connection and like its different faces also like listening music, reading biographies and , Movies, cooking and startup from Varanasi, India

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